OsservArcheologiA and my “daily devotion” – Day of Archaeology 2014

I’m Mariapia Statile and I’m an archaeologist. Thanks to Day of Archaeology I will tell you a little bit more about me and especially my disclosure archaeological project that is the fixed lens of my day: I call it my “daily devotion”.

I introduce myself. After finishing my artistic studies, I decided to enroll at the Second University of Naples, where I earned a degree in Cultural Heritage, discussing a thesis in Aerotopografia Archaeological, then I took the Master’s Degree in Archaeology with a thesis degree in Ancient Topography. Later on I obtained a Diploma from the School of Specialization in Archaeological at Second University of Naples, Santa Maria Capua Vetere – University of Naples “Suor Orsola Benincasa”, with a diploma thesis about Restoration of archaeological.

During the university studies i have undertaken work activities, study and research, accompanied by internships and training courses concerning the Aerial Photography Methodology applied to archaeological research, the Ancient Topography and Aerotopografic archaeological, Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Methodologies vectorization of the documentation and coding functional to presentation, dissemination and publication, together with scientific collaborations with museum exhibition, catalogs with storage, processing and computerization of graphic and photographic documentation, archaeological survey of the structures, analysis and investigation through software graphics processing, as well as participation in various campaigns of archaeological excavation.  Also, I have carried out studies and research with production of specific papers; guidance and illustration of sites and monuments of historical, artistic and archaeological interest. In addition, I had a teaching experience as an external expert in high school. In addition, I am a member of the Italian Confederation of Archaeologists.

This has always been first and foremost a passion that is reflected in the continuous and constant communication, dissemination and promotion of cultural heritage.

My personal path gives the mark to my own project which is called  OsservArcheologiA : it is to “observe” the archeology through the image, so that we can know the importance of what surrounds us and at the same time understand, appreciate, preserve and enhance what we have, becoming aware of our membership with our cultural environment, as good of all.

The structure of this project has been conceived with the aim to convey the immense archaeological, artistic, historic, cultural, national and international level through photographs and historical images, with particular attention to references and cultural events. To obtain this goal is given the opportunity to collaborate to all those who are interested, whether in the field or simply amateurs; OsservArcheologiA can evolve over time thus. It’s basic concept is disclosed by the observation that, in turn, the project itself creates individual interpretation: a dowel that together with the others, leads to the specific meaning of visual exploration: everyone will have the opportunity to observe, learn and discover with their own eyes, and through those of others, the preciousness of culture.

It is an idea that arises due to my training and constant passion for knowledge, history, photography and graphics with special interest in communication and cultural dissemination in the field of history and archeology.

The archaeologist has a duty to pass on his knowledge to offer it to others, knowing the history we know ourselves. Research, Valuation, Exploitation and Dissemination of culture are the goals of the archaeologist in his daily working process.

Mariapia Statile

photo by ©mariapiastatile                                                                                           “I am not especially talented, I am just deeply curious”                                                                                         (Albert Einstein)