Outreach on a Hillfort


My name is Hayley Roberts and I currently work as the Outreach Officer for Cambridge Archaeological Unit.  I am also studying for an MA part time, so my days are generally packed full of heritage and archaeology.  This summer I am working as the outreach officer for a commercial/research dig at Ham Hill Hillfort in Somerset.  We are working in advance of a quarry but also teaching Cardiff University Students.

On emerging from my caravan this morning to find it drizzling slightly and a few students hanging about eating breakfast I head for the showers to have a brief but refreshing wash (can’t spend too long or the waste tank will over flow).

First hour of the day is spent blogging, checking emails, uploading find of the day etc.  (There is no real day off for an outreach officer.)  Telling people about our work and keeping the local passers by updated should be the most important part of any excavation.  It is their heritage as much as ours.  This morning was an excellent example.  One of the diggers was up early having breakfast and came across Paddy Ashdown and chatted to him about our work over a cup of tea!  He lives locally and hopefully is now prepared to support archaeology a bit more.

Then I plan to head out into see the local country park and their little exhibition but I’ll keep you updated…