Paddy Lambert: A Day in the Office

Today is a day of report writing for a small evaluation. I am sitting here at this desk, sifting through the context sheets and photos, typing with furious abandon in the vain attempt to weave together the rich tapest…

Ok, I’ll stop there. In reality, it’s 10:20 AM on a Friday morning. I have drank approximately 5 cups of coffee and I am sitting here, observing with no small amount of protest, my colleague constantly fiddling with his ludicrously tight jeans that I think he must have borrowed from his young daughter, all the while excavating an entire packet of Bakewell pies and discussing with me the importance of putting a bed together with the correct fittings. We do this, sat metres away from a sword forged in the depths of the Anglo-Saxon past, wrapped magnificently in TESCO cling-film.

We pepper this narrative with the occasional conversation with other archaeologists in the office regarding their current sites, a particular astonishing find, their drinking habits, or their weekend. But it always comes back to archaeology.

This is what archaeologists really do when they are caged up, day to day. They mix the mundane with the fascinating and high-brow. It actually serves to understand what we do far more than a simple paragraph on section drawing. We engage with the idiosyncrasies of our world, because it actually helps to engage with and understand the idiosyncrasies of theirs. With lots and lots of tea and coffee…

I spy… 4 cups of coffee!

Paddy Lambert is a Supervisor at Oxford Archaeology’s East office in Cambridge. For more information about Oxford Archaeology, visit our website: