Preliminary images for 2017 Keuka dig

At noon today (EST), July 28, 2017, John proceeded with his iPad to the north end of the plot on Guyanoga Road to make establishing shots prior to placing a grid for formal digging at said location, over a small area next to a wastewater-septic tank (with digging initiated in 2015 for the purpose of depositing an additional tank to the system, to comply with a local ordinance in renovations of a residential structure next to, built circa 1830). After several artifacts and pieces of bone were set aside through the digging (many still perched on a weathered railroad tie set north of the space) research commenced and images were made of several larger stones found together as in a cache, beneath what was possibly a severely deteriorated wood-cover, in the northwest corner of the present excavation, about 1 meter beneath the surface.

Additional digging continued for a second day after initiated in 2015, removing soil and smaller stone piled now next to the present excavation. Research involving stone tools however, finally put the project on hold to this point. Stones removed from the cache and a few others, including sample #112, were brought inside to be photographed, and remain protected from the weather (and freeze-thaw cycles) separated also from additional stones removed from the second dig location, resulting from a waterline dig initiated in 2013, immediately south of the residence, the two sites about 100 feet apart.

1st image: looking west over the site; 2nd image: looking NE; 3rd image; closeup of assorted artifacts and unusual stone collected while clearing the existing system and additional material to the immediate west. Below: two hammerstones; for making tools and breaking bone.

Below: 2nd site, looking north, 100 ft south of wastewater-septic location.