Project Background

How It All Began


The Day of Archaeology project was born after a Twitter conversation between PhD students and project organisers, Lorna Richardson and Matt Law, during the third annual Day of Digital Humanities in March 2011. They thought it would be interesting and fun to organise something similar to the Day of DH for those working or volunteering in (or studying) archaeology around the world. Thanks to some very generous offers of time, support, web design know how, and server space from digitally-minded colleagues (the server space from Daniel Pett of the British Museum), an organising ‘committee’ of sorts was formed, and the idea quickly became reality.

Organisers past & present

Jaime Almansa-Sánchez (JAS Arqueologia)

Andrew Dufton (Brown University)

Dr Monty Dobson (Western Michigan University)

Stuart Eve (L – P : Archaeology/ UCL)

Tom Goskar (Independent archaeologist)

Matt Law (Cardiff University/ C & N Hollinrake Ltd.)

Jessica Ogden (L – P : Archaeology / University of Southampton)

Kate Ellenberger (Binghampton University)

Daniel Pett (Portable Antiquities Scheme/ The British Museum/ UCL)

Lorna Richardson (Umeå University)

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