RCAHMS – Steven Wallace Field Photography Projects Manager

In this video, Steven Wallace Field Photographer at RCAHMS explains how his work in the field is only just the beginning and the processes involved in making the images accessible by the public.

2 thoughts on “RCAHMS – Steven Wallace Field Photography Projects Manager

  1. Eddie Martin says:

    Hi Steve, remember me? Looks like you’re having fun, although perhaps it would be nice to be out and about on a lovely day like this, rather than being stuck in front of a computer!
    Have a look on this site for Fife Ness, and you’ll be able to see what I’ve been up to recently…
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Eddie, I certainly do. How are the speakers and turntable doing? I’ve just been looking at your video of the hexacopter, have you bought or hired this. Wouldn’t mind meeting up with you at some point to have a closer look.



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