Redecz Krukowy 20. The oldest Funnel Beaker Culture settlement from Kuyavia, Central Poland and many more!

From March 2017 we are working on one of the last steps of archaeological project which means for us preparation for monographic publication of our long term excavation in Redecz Krukowy site 20. This site is located in Kuyavia which is one of the richest areas in archaeological finds in Poland.

Site 20 which is a very important locality was excavated from 2006 till 2010.

Rainbow over the site 20 in Redecz Krukowy (2009)

The survey was conducted by the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography in Lodz and during thirteen months of terrain exploration over 7,000 m2 was explored with sieving.

Aerial photography of site 20 in Redecz Krukowy (2017)

This procedure of sieving of all layers also included modern plough soil on such a unique large area, gave chance to get around 25,000 flint artifacts and more then 100 000 fragments of pottery. Most of them belong to the oldest phase called “Sarnowo phase” of Funnel Beaker Culture.

Most characteristic “plates” of early Funnel Beaker Culture.

At the site we also excavated material defined as Early Mesolithic workshops and camps, the remains of a hunting visit in the Late Mesolithic, a small campsite of the Neolithic LBK. Other finds come from the Early Bronze Age, the Roman period, and the late Middle Ages.

Late neolithic pottery during documentation (2009).

From 2010 until now we have done a variety of analyzes including C14 dating, flint and ceramics refitting, chemical and geological studies and many more.

One of the most fascinating but tedious and long-lasting method which we apply to our materials was procedure of refitting of flint artefacts, we can say prehistoric puzzles.

Refitted block dated to middle mesolithic around 8500 BP

After few weeks of fitting puzzles together we were able to get almost full blocks of flint knapped 8000 years ago or used broken agricultural tool dated 5000 years ago. Refitting of stones always show great skills and efficiency of prehistoric people and allows us to express yourself in many other aspects such as spatial development and state of preservation of the site.

Further we would like to describe how it was in our excavation. Our employees were the local residents who worked all the years of our research.

Main part of our expedition. Thanks guys! (2006)

Each day of our expedition was similar. We were using shovels and sieves for exploration, and after collecting of all finds, we were preparing a surface for documentation.

Preparations for documenatation of the next layer.

After photographs and draws we could starts with another 10 cm layer of sand.

Our staff and visitors to the excavations were always curious to see our efforts in documentation of our site.

The question of our employees: But what is the matter?

We hope that the book which will be published in December 2018 (unfortunately in Polish but with extensive English translation) will show the quality of our archaeological site and the effort that we have to put into field and office research.


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  1. Research manager of that site was dr Piotr Papiernik from Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography in Lodz. Fieldwork was financed by the Konrad Jażdżewski Foundation for Archaeological Research and the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography. The recent project which will end with monographic publication is being implemented by the Konrad Jażdżewski Foundation for Archaeological Research and is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and The National Heritage Board of Poland.

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