Road Trip to Ardnamurchan on this Day of Archaeology!

Hi everyone, my name is Somayyeh and I am a Council for British Archaeology (CBA), Community Archaeology Trainee based with Archaeology Scotland. I graduated from the University of Manchester in July 2012 and not long after there were a number of CBA youth focused bursaries on offer. I applied to three and was asked for an interview with Archaeology Scotland, I must have done something right as I am currently nine months into my placement! I got into archaeology as a mature student after working in the financial services industry. I always loved history as a youngster which was passed onto me by my great grandmother. I did a bit of research into history degrees and noticed archaeology as another possibility, I am quite a practical person so felt this would be an even better way of combining my love of history with a fun subject! I fell in love with archaeology and came to understand that our history and heritage should be shared, protected and conserved for future generations. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time about the benefits of community archaeology and would like to stay in this area after my bursary ends.

On this day of archaeology I am driving from Musselburgh to Ardnamurchan so that I can lead a day of outreach for the Ardnamurchan Transition’s Project on Sunday. Whilst my actual day of archaeology isn’t overly interesting, the reason I am going is! I will be running a number of activities that will appeal to a wide audience but none more so than the younger generation. There will be finds handling, ancient technology with grinding of flour and a wood bow drill, there will be the opportunity for children to make their very own clay Thor amulet to take home and a geocache (treasure) hunt which will help the younger generation to see what kinds of objects might be left behind from a Viking occupation. The treasure hunt will also be a chance to explain the possible history of Vikings on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

If you are interested in the work I have done so far, feel free to check out my blog at