RomArché: days of archaeological discovery


RomArché. Fair of Archaeological Publishing. This name does not seems to describe fully all that this manifestation has become in its six years of life. RomArché is a heap of encounters for “experts and not” of the archaeological and cultural field at large, mixed with events that span from laboratories and meetings with experimental archaeologists, to exhibitions and actual performances of actors, musicians and visual artists. This manifestation has grown to become an important part of the Roman cultural scene.

But how it would  look like a typical day at RomArché?

First of all you would be walking around in an incredible piece of cultural heritage as, to cite only the last three locations where we were hosted, the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, the Museum of the Imperial Forums at Mercati di Traiano and the archaeological area of the Domitian Stadium under Piazza Navona.

Participating in RomArché always means to have the chance to meet a number of experts, national and international,  not only in the archaeological field but also in many other fields such as history, anthropology, museum studies and many more. So if you are a student or a young researcher or even simply an enthusiast of archaeology you will have the chance to ask questions or, if you are very shy, to enjoy as a bystander the interesting talks that sprout during coffee breaks.

It is important to remember that the original spirit of RomArché remains faithful to the written word. During the days of the manifestation you could find all the best publication in the archaeological field reunited under the same roof, or masonry vault, it depends on the location!

Scholars and book buffs in general crowd the space where the archaeological publishing houses display their newest realises and the spaces of the BiblioArchè a collection of the best production of those publishers that could not be present with their stand, in this way there is no risk to be disappointed.

As the days grow longer (RomArché is usually held in May) also our program grows to involve our public as much as possible. You could try innovative ways of  experience ancient artefacts, assist to re-enacting performances involving sound, taste, touch and of course sight, participate in laboratories of experimental archaeology and learn how much skill a craftsmen had to have before the invention of Youtube tutorials.

To sum up the RomArché experience can be enjoyed equally by experts, enthusiasts and curios people that can be equally sure to get in contact with rigorous scientific contents and innovative and creative ways of experience culture.

So stay tuned for the 2016 edition of RomArché, that this year will have a theme that never ceased to fascinate mankind throughout all his history.