ScARF is 3 years old!

Can you believe that the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) is now 3 years old? It seems like only yesterday that I was writing these posts ( and for the Day of Archaeology 2012.

A lot has happened since then though. When I last wrote for #dayofarch, the ScARF website was still a few weeks away from its official launch and, as the posts above show, we still had a lot of work to do. However, I had another very important project on the go (who, technically worked on all the panel reports, from the tummy and who is now 2 and half years old) and the funding was coming to and end – ScARF went quiet.

Not really PPE

My other very important project, not really grasping what PPE should be.

Until now – fast forward to July 2015 and for the last two weeks I’ve been back in the ScARF hotseat. I am working on a survey (which anyone is welcome to complete at on how the ScARF project has been used by archaeologists, heritage bodies and interested folk since the launch. Once the results are in, I will be able to report to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland on the success of the project and how it has become an essential part of Archaeological research in Scotland today – well, that’s what I want the survey results to say!

Today I am having a quick look at the survey results so far but trying not to read too much into them at this early stage. Then, I’ll spend a few hours going over the website statistics from the last three years and trying to make them into a coherent and friendly report. You can see from this image that use of the resource has been fairly constant but with some pretty obvious spikes – I wonder what those are?

ScARF website statistics

ScARF website statistics

There have been lots of email enquiries to ScARF over the past while as well, from archaeologists of all sorts, so I’ll spend a bit of time answering those. Some of the really interesting queries have come from members of the public about archaeology in their backyard (sometimes literally) and those are always fun to answer – carved stone balls and kite photography are two to deal with today.
Given that its already mid morning, and all I seem to have done is read (really interesting) Day of Archaeology posts and answer emails, I should get back to work and actually do what I’ve just said I will!