Simple ways to contribute as an archaeologist

Apart from a professional career in archaeology which begins at university, archaeologists should have multiple skills, specialties and field of expertise, expanding their training and making their resume distinguished from others.

One best way to get involved in the field of archaeology is to find out what opportunities for participation are available and can be searched for online in your country and, of course, globally. So, if you are interested in taking the next step, here are my first starting points at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

A. Micropasts (

Looking up for something intriguing, I was a lucky one reading an article about Micropasts in the local newspaper and immediately joined the community.

Greek Newspaper /

Micropasts is a web platform where academic researchers and volunteer archaeological and historical societies meet and collaborate on new kinds of research about history, archaeology and heritage. All involved in  help existing research projects to create open data and build new knowledge via crowd-sourcing applications.

By joining in you can assist existing research projects taking part in creating 3D models (photomasking), transcribing old records such as catalogues and letters and enriching old photographic archives. In other words, by contributing to projects you develop new skills, have an impact on research and produce results that are open and freely usable as stated in the platform.

Micropasts Community Leaderboard

I joined Micropasts in August 2014 and I can not believe today that I am celebrating two whole years full of new gained knowledge! For one thing I am extremely proud of is ranking 3rd in the Community Leaderboard (1301 users so far) having submitted 7.642 tasks. I promise to keep up the good work in 2017 too!

B. Archaeology and Arts /

Then, wanting to expand and make use of knowledge in blogging, I gave a try to the portal, a digital monthly journal about Archaeology and Arts.

Here you can publish an article, a blog about anything that interests community, share photos of archaeological sites and follow researchers and friends of archaeology. / Personal Profile

My blog profile has 1.407 views and my best post about Bodleian Libraries (University of Oxford) a total of 1671 views.

C. Archaeology Competitions

Finally, if you are a creative mind, you may show your talent in competitions related to archaeology. For instance, last year I took part in the European Competition ”You(r) Archaeology -Portraying the Past, coordinated by IBC- The Institute of Cultural, Natural and Artistic Heritage of the Region of Emilia Romagna with the collaboration of research institutions of 9 other European Countries. Although I did not get a prize for submitting a piece of industrial archaeology, I must admit that it was a great experience.

“You(r) Archaeology – portraying the past”

For all of you interested in taking part in a new archaeology photo competition, here’s one organised by the Faculty of Archaeology of the Leiden University.

You may follow this link:

but, please, hurry up, because the deadline of photo submission is the 31rd of August!

In conclusion, if you do want to make a difference, what are you waiting for? Search and join as many as you can. Good Luck!

Maria Christakou

PhD Cand. AUTh