My name is Pippa Pearce and though I have been earning my living as an antiquities conservator all my life, I still take working holidays to have the opportunity to treat items that would not normally come my way. Our day starts with coffee, boiled up in a pan at 5am.

Brewing Coffee

Brewing Coffee

I have been told I have to let the coffee froth up and remove it from the heat three times, but it is hard to do that early without making a mess of the stove. Our vehicle arrives to take us to site at 5.30 am. The finds are stored and processed in a building next to the site and I have a workroom on the second floor. I bring lamps with rechargeable batteries so that I can use the microscope, even when the power is off.

The microscope at Sidon

The piece of paper clipped up is a list of all the finds that have been issued to me for conservation and it is part of the paper trail that tracks the whereabouts of all the finds in the building. Of course, it also doubles as my ‘To Do’ list.

Conservation list