Some words from an italian student

Hello everyone,

This is Lucia, 22, Italian student, attending classes at the Faculty of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, in Pisa’s University.

My love for Archaeology started at the age of 5, while watching a documentary about Egypt on the TV.

During years my tastes changed a bit, I’m not so much into Egyptian culture and history; instead, i’m very interested in Ancient Greek  Archaeology and Anthropology.

As a student (and obviously as a going-to be archaeologist), I have to do an apprenticeship, working in excavation campaigns or in laboratory.

Last year I worked in Matera (, taking part in an excavation campaign on a prehistoric site, near ”Trasanello Cementificio”.

Digging for the very first time was hard, but at the end of the day very rewarding.

A beautiful experience shared with people I can’t forget for sure 😉

This year I wanted to try something different from what I’ve experienced, so, between digging or working in a laboratory, I chose laboratory.

In the specific, I’m working in a pottery analysis laboratory, located near the Massaciuccoli Romana excavation site ( :

-during the digging process, different materials were found,put into plastic bags and taken to the laboratory, where we wash them very carefully,with water and a soft-bristle brush

(here you can see me washing a tiny piece of pottery: )

-then the materials are exposed to sunlights for a safe drying

-when they’re dry they’re ready to be catalogued,and eventually restored. From little spare pieces can born treasures 😉

Hard work, sacrifices ,passion, tears & blood…all for art’s sake 🙂

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