Somerset Finds Liaison Officer, hometime

Well the database has unfortunately been rather overloaded this afternoon, either that or our local servers have been playing up,  so it has not been possible to record as much. Luckily there are always a host of other jobs waiting in the wings including replying to finders emails to set up meetings, giving conservation advice to finders, discussing internships and volunteering opportunities, helping people with Medieval coin ID’s and reading through and commenting on reports and articles and, of course, taking photos of the finds I did get done today.

I didn’t get to the lovely half crown of Charles I or the 17th century token farthing from Bridgwater but at least working on the photos means you can see an image of one of them:

So a very unexciting day in the life, sorry, but it is from the small building blocks larger constructs are made and those Roman coins may help pinpoint and understand the periods of occupation for a new Roman site, sometime in the future.