Somerset Finds Liaison Officer, Lunchtime

Great, that’s the eight Roman coins done. No exciting ones I’m afraid. Maybe I should do the artifacts next and save that large silver coin of Charles I as a treat for later. Standard FLO kit for recording: digital calipers, accurate but portable scales, magnifying lens, bags and pens for labeling and the essential books for references.

A nice interruption over coffee when the museum curators show off their latest acquisition, bought at auction yesterday. It is a bell from the house at Chapel Cleeve (the contents of the house were dispersed at auctions in the 1980s). It was cast in the 19th century by the founders Cox’s of Taunton who were based at Tancred street in Taunton and also made skillets (some are on display at the Museum of Somerset). They were not specialist   so didn’t (as far as we know) cast church bells. This is the sort of bell that would have been used to call the estate and house workers in for meals and let them know the time so it does not need to ring to a particular note. Unfortunately the clapper is missing so I can’t let you hear how it sounded.