Somerset Finds Liaison Officer

I’m hoping today will be quite quiet on the email / phone call front as Fridays often are, allowing me to get on with some finds. I’m afraid it makes for quite a boring day in the life, but the worn Roman coins and Post Medieval buckles are more representative of a FLO’s lot than shiny gold treasure, unfortunately.
I start the day with a discussion with a colleague about a new idea to possibly draw together a group of finds to make a short publication, however that will need to wait until my own time so I am trying to be good, put it to one side and focus on my proper work for the day.

I’m working on a group of finds from one finder. He is a metal detectorist so mostly metal finds but he also picks up pottery when he sees it. Helpfully he has bagged each find and labelled them with the field they came from and the date he found them. I start by checking them against the receipt to see that I have everything I should. As a FLO people put huge trust in us when they lend us their finds for recording and losing a find is one of every FLO’s worse nightmares.

Then I group them into piles. I realise some of the pot was put away slightly wet and although the bags were pierced it has still grown some mould so I get them out to dry off.

Normally I would finish the records and photograph the items before promoting them to public view but today I hope to promote them as I go along so you can see the progress. I’ll see if I can work out how to post the links to them but in the meantime just looking at and searching under SOMERSET as the county should bring up the most recent things recorded.