Stephanie Ostrich (MOLA): Beware meta-blog! Social media in archaeology

This will be a short and sweet (and rather meta) update from me, a lowly archivist cum social media buff. Fridays at MOLA are generally quite social media-intensive for me here at MOLA  – and no, not just because of the age-old function of time until it’s the weekend being in inverse relation to time spent on the internet sharing photos of cats on Facebook all day. As a gung-ho member of our grassroots social media team here, throughout the week I’ll be tweeting interesting tidbits as @MOLArchaeology, copy-editing the Walbrook Discovery blog and posting cool pictures of finds we’ve unearthed onto our Facebook page. Our ever-popular Friday Finds posts keep me on my toes – running around the building looking for fascinating artefacts to share with the world. Luckily, today’s Friday Find was provided by one of the FROGs in the Thames Discovery Programme (cheers guys!), this tiny Charles I royal farthing:

Today's Friday Find brought to you by the letters T, D, and P

Today’s Friday Find brought to you by the letters T, D, and P

And now the Day of Archaeology is upon us again (hooray!) so I’ve been sending “all-staff” emails over the last few weeks trying to coax and wheedle entries out of very busy colleagues. And since yesterday have been editing them and posting them on behalf of my colleagues at MOLA. And I believe if I refer to finding the time to write a blog amongst all of this it will create some kind of  feedback loop from which no one will escape.

For something completely different, an important and long standing MOLA tradition within my department has also occurred today. I speak of the Payday Friday Nachos. It is a rather self-explanatory ritual, where on paydays that fall upon a Friday we venture to the shop across the road, stock up on tortilla chips, cheese, salsa and other nacho accouterments, and return to the office to completely pig-out. It is a satisfying and comforting ritual, one that I would whole-heartedly encourage other units (who don’t fear a little heart disease) to embrace.

Mmm nachos

Mmm nachos

And now back to my day-job as an archivist. I’ve got digital data queries to answer and a desk of paper records to excavate. And blogs to edit! And maybe I’ll walk home tonight after all that cheese…

I think I need to make a matrix...

Building up a stratigraphy of site records