Summer Break!

Hello Archaeology people! It’s Teddie’s owner here – the Humanities lecturer and Egyptologist-to-be – from Malaysia 🙂

So I’m on summer break – it’s odd to call it a ‘summer’ break when Malaysia only has rain and sun all year long. Nevertheless, one would assume I would be enjoying my days off like this….

But my morning really starts after I feed Teddie and myself some coffee – we were waiting for the water to boil.

And seeing as I have a conference presentation on ‘Archaeogaming and Reception Studies’  to prepare for, my view for the entire day looked more like this

It was a little upsetting that I didn’t spend my day basking in the sun which Malaysians generally don’t do – when we see the sun out, we usually run indoors for the air con – or Netflix-ing away. But I did finish watching a Civilization and Assassin’s Creed game play, each and started on my introduction for the conference, and in between all of that, I kept myself awake with more coffee and James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke accompanied by my own karaoke sessions.

To end the day, I’m writing this post and then a little Twitter read and retweets seeing as I live in a very different time zone to when all the archaeology, history, Egyptology-related news breaks. Then, it’s lights out before a weekend of gaming 🙂