archaeological records

Digging into a A Project Archive

by Karen Lind Brauer
Maryland, USA

Today I spent time reviewing the excavation records and administrative archives of the Baltimore County Center for Archaeology. BCCA served as the field component of an elective high school course, “Exploring Our Buried Past”, taught in as many as 18 high schools in the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), a large, suburban, kindergarten-through 12th grade-school district located in the US state of Maryland.

The Center involved high school students with first-hand, real-life experience undertaking primary research at the site of a 19th century, iron-producing, company town. During the winter months, in the middle of the school year, the Center presented Grade 3 school visitation programs serving as many as 100 classrooms per year. There were Summer school camps and multiple Teacher-in-Service programs that also took place at the Center which was located in a Baltimore County Recreation and Parks property called Oregon Ridge.

The archaeological education in the BCPS was part of the essential, or taught, curriculum (as opposed to being extra-curricular, ‘outside’ the formal instructional offerings). In operation for more than two decades, the Center closed down in the mid-2000’s due to changing academic requirements that constrained social studies educational offerings and the retirement of the project’s creator and leader, Social Studies Curriculum Specialist and Teacher Archaeologist for the BCPS, George Brauer.

I am picking through the Center’s archive of files today because I recently learned that a fellow archaeologist, Stephen Israel, is attempting to gather information on the Center’s programs and on its teacher participants. I know this archive should contain information that could be of help to him. Israel is preparing profiles on individuals who have contributed to Maryland Archaeology for a project entitled, Maryland Archaeology: Past Portraits. Looking over these files today I happily recall my time in the 1980’s and 90’s assisting with this enriching, educational opportunity that was experienced by almost 10,000 students being raised in our county.

#ArchiveLottery – Part 5: Paper Records

What will the records have in store for us? Behold:

Some lovely timber drawings from Trig Lane for @orangepornge

Timber drawings from Trig Lane

Timber drawings from Trig Lane

“Get Some Lights!!!” a shopping list of sorts from Riverplate House for @ArtiCheck

Get Some Lights!!!

Get Some Lights!!!


A newspaper article regarding the dig at South Grove for @WebArchivist

Ham and High at it's best

Ham and High at it’s best


An illustrated Pot from Bermondsey Abbey for @mattpaheenan

nice pot

nice pot


And some bad news for area III from Southwark Street for @TheShanTiger

Who washed all the finds away!

Who washed all the finds!


And last but not least, for one of @dayofarch’s founders, the lovely @lornarichardson gets a Rewrite book from Newgate Street

Try again

Try again

A massive thanks to everyone who offered a number today and joined in with our #ArchiveLottery.  And a massive thanks to our @museumoflondon volunteer @tinctureofmuse for helping to gather all your #ArchiveLottery results!

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