Working on the Butts

Period 10So there you are a day of working with AutoCAD Adobe Illustrator and excel tables to produce the period plans for the Butts, Worcester.

It’s interesting and brain taxing to get the stuff together and working, but when people ask what does an archaeological illustrator do, they don’t really want us to tell them – after 5 minutes you can see the eyes glaze over and the thought bubbles appear – but why aren’t they drawing any thing.

Bored yet?

The answer to the question – is – ‘we do not do that any more’ – Come to next year’s IfA conference in Cardiff and see what we really do.

Karen Thomas (MOLA): A day in the life of a jack-of-all-trades – The Musical!

Busy day ahead! – need to sort out work placement students for next week (and today!), help Nick with the community dig next week, answer all those unanswered emails lingering in my inbox from earlier this week and maybe do some archiving!

Phone call from the curator at Chelmsford Museum with whom I had left a message yesterday.  He sends through a new set of standards he’s been working on and I pass the info on to the relevant project manager so that he can let the site staff and processing know the particular requirements for his site (I hope!).

Tried to contact the contractor at the Community Dig about site set up but got his voicemail.  I never seem to be able to get anyone on the phone these days!

Mid-morning and I think I’ve got the students for next week sorted now.  Hélène (our intern from France) pops in to pick up her evaluation form – she has been brilliant for the 4 weeks she has been with us.  She will be very welcome if she finds herself in England again and I hope her course goes well.

(yes I know he’s Belgian but the song is in French!)

 While eating lunch put finishing touches to letter about next Young Archaeologists’ Club session and sort out sending some books over to MOL for a LAMAS function on Tuesday.  Managed to eat a jam doughnut without wearing most of the jam – generously supplied by Patti who is leaving us today.  The poor girl got stuck in the Archive for a while when she first joined us and we will miss her chirpy personality.

Finished off a few things on the Community Dig (yes I did manage to get hold of the guy in the end) and lined up some more to be done on Monday.  These things are so time consuming but I think it will be quite good fun in the end.

It’s 4.30 and I’m now going to do some archiving!!!!  AutoCAD site plans here I come!

Working on the Butts

It’s a job which involves using AutoCAD bringing in the plans from 27 trenches dug over a year of excavation under the footprint of the Hive which incidentally is where we now work.
I’m about to make some edits to the last site drawing which flagged up a problem before starting work on the overall period plan layout.

When we’ve completed it the report will be available on-line.

Loads of great stuff – Roman ovens and Post-med casting debris are a some of highlights, but another great bunch of finds which crossed our desks are the gaming counters made from recycled bit of Roman pot.