Epipalaeolithic Foragers in Azraq Project

Today, Lisa Maher is getting on a plane to return to her field project in Azraq, Jordan. It has been a fast and furious couple of days as the Codifi implementation team put some finishing touches on an alpha version of the EFAP1 Codifi database for her to play with on her iPad.


For this season, Lisa and her team will continue to document everything using paper forms, but one of the cool factors for Codifi is the ability to put everything into “context” – forms, photos, videos, people, events. Lisa will use Scanner Pro – an iPad app that will “scan” anything and turn it into multipage PDFs – for adding her paper forms directly to the Locus database entries. This will save scads of time in post-excavation.

This season is an opportunity for Lisa to give digital recording a try and provide us with real-world feedback on the application. We know we will learn a lot from the experience. The plan is to take the feedback and help her to produce a type specification that can be slotted into her forthcoming grant applications.



We will be reporting back with news as the season progresses on our blog!