A day in the life of Badgers


Today starts as normal, with a cuppa breakfast and a check of emails and BAJR facebook .  Ensure discussions are going well, talk with the other admins on the facebook group, and then try to work out what has to happen today. I prefer to accept achievements rather than goals, as I have learned that goals are never met, which leads to disappointment.

So…  today…    achievements can include,

  • Complete the next edit of an Archive Report (this could involve reading things.. !).
  • Ensure all the images for a large report have licence rights ( and prod the one group who have not replied yet)
  • Create the template for Skyscape Survey website along with content
  • Write a short report on a hillfort survey
  • Learn to edit video with Corel X10
  • Chat with Curator about HS2 and a BAJR related matter
  • Send out the “BAJR Guide to joining CIfA” for more comment
  • Sort the finds into a single box for an excavation that took place from 2011-2017
  • Talk to a colleague about potential link between an overseas excavation and their university.
  • Read and comment on a new BAJR Guide to Lithics. (quite long)
  • Have a walk!
  • Prepare for community excavation in September.
  • Write the Romans section for the new 11+ Heritage Explorer Passport ( I am tempted to ditch the whole section…  but we will see!)

Lets see how I do.   (there is a prize if I succeed in at least 2)

The thing is, that it’s not about ticks and gold stars, archaeology is about being flexible, learning skills, managing time and enjoying yourself, pushing your limits, but still having a life outside!   My hands are still grubby from the digs last week, but now, archaeology to me is more deskbound OR flying my beloved Drone, the Flying BAJR ?


Curses, I have now been distracted by the amazing Matt Ritchie and his Postcards –    and am now attempting to make a cardboard cutout stratigraphic trench!