Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area

Work in the Mount Vernon Lab

Hello again from Mount Vernon!  My name is Laura and I’m the Archaeology Laboratory Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator.  Work in the lab can vary greatly each day.  After spending some time this morning finding the perfect avatar for our Mount Vernon Day of Archaeology account (see below!), the assistant archaeologist and I spent some time reviewing distribution maps from the Phase II excavations of the George Washington Library site.  The distribution maps tell us where certain classes of artifacts were found and help us narrow down site locations.


George Washington excavating!


This map shows where all the sherds of creamware were recovered from the George Washington Library site


I spent this afternoon cross-mending ceramic sherds from an 18th century tin-glazed chamber pot, excavated from the neighboring Potomac Overlook site.   Cross-mending allows us to determine minimum vessel counts and helps us to understand the relationship between different layers of fill.



An Old day in the Life

Ok, this is a bit old, but it gives a little context for one part of our project. This link from the Lorton Patch is a dated tour of our historic component. However, our investigations have revealed 8,000 years+ of human activity on our park! You can keep up with us on our blog and if you want to volunteer, shoot us an email at