Still working at the LAARC

We are suffering from post lunch spreadsheet madness here at LAARC.

Nathanial and Matthew are now presenting objects to each other in an Antiques Roadshow style.

“So what you have you brought with you today Matthew?” … “Well Nathanial, this is my great great great great great great Grandfather’s amphora. It was used for storing and transporting wine.” … “Quite right Matthew. It’s known as Gaul1, form 8G. You’ll need to be looking to insure this for…”

Christie is still creating new numbers. This requires her to push herself to the limit with her drawing skills. Each registered find has a card with a sketch on the back. She wasn’t thrilled when she found that out but she is turning out to be brilliant at it.

Here’s one of the beakers she’s working on right now:

It’s a poppy head beaker made locally (Highgate) that appears to have been ‘killed’. Or at least that’s one of the theories our Roman ceramics specialists gave us for the giant hole in its side.

Final pic in this post is a close-up of my new and life changing boiler suit. So much dust in the archive! So many high shelves and low shelves and heavy boxes! My clothes weren’t coping. Now my life has been changed! In fact, I love my boiler suit so much I embroidered it