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Definitely Not a Typical Day For Me!

I am an archaeologist and would love to say I work as one but I can’t no jobs around where I live!  I was inspired to do a degree in Archaeology and Landscape History mainly by watching Time Team! Another success story for Mick Aston as I graduated in 2008.  I do a lot of volunteer work for various organisations including a lot of Heritage work for the Northamptonshire Museums and Historic Houses Forum.

I, along with another committee member, have been organising an Awards Ceremony in the county.  We have a VIP attending, one of the Royal family, and on Friday I met up with his personal protection officer and Northamptonshire Police, just to make sure the venue was secure etc.. All very interesting.  It has been a lot of work to organise.

The day before, Thursday,  I had the chance to visit the Time Team excavation in a local town which was rather fabulous, had a chat with Tim Taylor (what a nice man).  The day after the 29th, I had co-organised a visit for the CBA (Council for British Archaeology) East Midlands to the Prebendal Manor at Nassington which was a great success, lovely weather, lunch, Manor and walk to a site of an Anglo-Saxon burial ground.  We had 35 members attend the day and the star of the show was ‘cat’ sitting in the window of the 15th Century Manor!