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Alken Wetlands: Peat and Bones

So I took a break and went out to my parents for lunch so that they could look after Bess while I did a bit more work.

The next thing I wanted to look at today, after having done some work on my presentation for the Digital Humanities conference in Hamburg, is the Alken Wetlands project I am going to be working on from Monday morning.

Over the last 50 years discoveries have been made in the Alken Wetlands (Alken Enge in Danish) of a large amount of skeletal material – thought to be sacrificed warriors from around year 1 CE. The project (a collaboration between The Department of Prehistoric Archaeology at Aarhus University and Skanderborg Museum) has received a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation to begin a research project this summer. We are going to start out with two months of excavation.

Once we get started I hope to be able to blog a little more about what we are doing on site – but for now I am looking forward to Monday and the start-up!

You can read more about the project and Alken Wetlands on Skanderborg Museums website.

Edit 3rd July 2012:

The start-up of the excavation went well and the first press-release is out via Aarhus University.