Chichester Museum

Another Day at the Office


Okay, this is my last post of the day and I couldn’t go without showing you a picture of our museum archaeology store. I haven’t had a chance to spend much time in the store today and that’s not unusual – it’s our team of volunteers who tend to get to work in here on the fun jobs. Instead, my day has looked something like this:

A catch-up with Amy, the curator from Chichester Museum (“The Novium”) over a coffee.

A bit of marketing for our forthcoming Festival of British Archaeology event.

Writing a reference for one of our volunteers.

Planning a forthcoming exhibition on ancient fallow deer with our Head of Learning.

Sorting out holiday cover for one of our museum guides.

Returning a some artefacts we have been conserving to their owner.

Processing a couple of invoices.

Working with the local water company who need to run a water main across our site.

Transferring an archive to The Novium.

Oh – and a fair amount of blogging for the Day Of Archaeology…


…There’s a lot more to this curating business than messing about with artefacts!