commercial archaeologist

The Archaeology of Food!

I’ve been a commercial archaeologist for 13 years and have worked in Ireland, Greece and Australia. My days once consisted of jumping into a muddy hole in the depths of winter to shovel out the sticky and waterlogged fills within and then trudge to the spoil-heap with heavy boots. My days also consisted of excavating beautiful wooden troughs in fulachta fiadh (burnt mounds) or excavating postholes of Bronze Age structures in the balmy summer sun. However, the recession in Ireland has led to a decline in commercial archaeological work and the absence of muddy viz-vest clad hordes of trowel-grasping excavators is the most visible proof of this!


A day of commercial archaeology in York.

Hello,  My name is Duncan and I am a commercial archaeologist currently working in York, in the UK.  I am a freelance archaeologist, which means that when the project I was on ended early (it does sometimes happen) I was out of work for today, the Day Of Archaeology.

I have prepared some short films and some entries from my last day on site, which was Tuesday the 26th of July.