demonic devices

PhDs and Libraries

Right, first thing on my agenda is to submit forms related to 2 of my PhD students. Paperwork, ugh. Not something we usually think of when doing archaeology!

Next, it’s off to the library to get some articles related to an article that I am writing on demonic devices. Yup, demonic devices. When I first started as an Egyptology student, I had a deep interest in that area. It has taken many years to finally be able to explore this subject. The material manifestation of religious practice, ritual and magic if you will, have always fascinated me. It sounds trite, but it is true. Working with objects that somebody else touched thousands of years ago humbles me, and makes me rethink all of the objects that surround me today, now. How will somebody view my office years from now?

office cobra Egypt archaeology

My office with replica clay cobras and other figurines