Desk Based Assessment

Office Day

The day before was the final day of a Time Team shoot, which is a television programme based on a three day excavation. It always gets quite hectic on the last day and I finally got on the train at 6:30 and was home by 10:30, still sweaty and muddy! As such Friday morning wasn’t an early one for me and the day consisted of office bits and pieces. First up was finances: I don’t know if it’s because of the recession but more and more clients are grumbling about having to pay! I had to check to see if money had been paid in and go through some timesheets for another job to confirm we were on site. Second up was GIS: we are involved in a development which might have quite a high impact on the landscape and we are using GIS models to work out the impact areas. I had picked out a few clusters of important features on high ground and the client wanted shapefiles to show where they were. Another client wanted shapefiles to show where the early foundations of a Listed Building may remain on a development site so that he could design foundations around them. The final job of the day was proof reading. All the reports our company, produces are proof read and edited to make sure they making sense and there are no mitsakes. 😉 I was looking over a Desk Based Assessment which is a report that assesses the potential for archaeological remains on a possible development site. The research suggested that there wasn’t much there so the report was quite short and also well written, so an easy way to end the day!


Matthew Williams is a Partner in L – P : Archaeology a UK based commercial archaeology (CRM) company.