Development services

A day in the life of MOLA project managers, as dictated to Louise Davies

The ‘unsung heroes’ of every excavation we do: the MOLA Development Services Project Management team (AKA the dream team) are terribly busy and important, and have therefore dictated their day’s activities to me, Louise.


Mike Smith

A fairly recent addition to the MOLA management team, Mike joined us from Southampton and has fitted right in. Today Mike has filled his day with an exciting medley of writing update reports for a large infrastructure project, writing a WSI (Written Scheme of Investigation) for a trial trench evaluation at a hotel site, and looking into potential new tenders. He has managed to stay awake throughout and has some lovely cheese sandwiches for his lunch.

The face of pure concentration

Mike hard at work – crossing t’s and dotting i’s (c) MOLA 2013


Derek Seeley

It’s that time of the month, and Derek has mainly spent the day invoicing. He has also sorted out a new watching brief that’s about to start soon, and, most importantly, has arranged his day on the golf course tomorrow.


Stew Hoad

Stew has been very grumpy today, mainly due to being knocked off his motorbike yesterday by a white van man and suffering lots of bumps and scrapes, and because he’s just had his WiP meeting. He did manage to edit a report though, and has done lots of liaising with clients.

Poor Stewie and his injuries (c) MOLA 2013

Poor Stewie and his injuries (c) MOLA 2013


David Divers

Also largely absorbed by invoicing today, Did has managed to make time to replenish his tea bag supplies and eat a pot of delicious olives. He also took the monthly grilling we are all subjected to by the MOLA finance team in his WiP (Work in Progress) meeting. Here we have to go through all our projects, explain what’s going on, justify the profit margins we have managed to achieve, and get told to invoice, invoice, invoice.


Craig Halsey

Craig has been working hard all day on a secret presentation for a tender bid. He has also examined some bathymetric data, emailed a client to get some information on asbestos on a site we’re about to start working on, and looked at some lovely Bronze Age flints found at Chambers Wharf on the Thames Foreshore by Courtney from the Thames Discovery Programme team.

His love of geoarchaeology coming into play here

Craig and his flint (c) MOLA 2013


Nick Bateman

As part of the Senior Management Group at MOLA and head of Development Services, Nick has spent most of the day at a strategic management meeting on the future of MOLA.