At the LAARC…

London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre is buzzing with activity today!

We’ve already had two VIP tours (sadly soooo confidential I wasn’t allowed to take pictures and post them for your) but I can tell you about some of our fabulous volunteers.

Christie, Nathanial and Matthew are hard at work helping me to create a new, comprehensive and beautifully documented handling collection.

Here’s Christie with a beautiful mica dusted jug she’s registering:

Matthew and Nathanial are adding info about each object to a spreadsheet -that will all then go on our Mimsy database:

One of these flagons is pretending to be an amphora -so our ceramics expert tells us.

Once we’ve data crunched all our Roman finds we then move on to… Building material! Here’s a selection of some of the Medieval material we’ll be working on.

We’re all going to become peg tile experts. And floor tile experts.

Our volunteers say:

“I love the gold dusted beaker!”

“handling all these ancient artefacts is amazing!”

More from us later 🙂