A Lego Colosseum and Other Stories

I am a Classical Archaeologist at the University of Sydney in Australia, and work as the Manager of Education and Public Programs at the Nicholson Museum, Australia’s largest collection of Old World archaeological material.  So my ‘Day of Archaeology 2012’ is spent like most others – trying to balance between museum education and archaeological research on the project I am working: excavations of a Hellenistic-Roman period theatre site in Paphos in Cyprus.


Spreading the word about archaeology in Tampa Bay: Creating an e-newsletter

As an Outreach Coordinator for the Florida Public Archaeology Network (http://www.flpublicarchaeology.org), most of my duties revolve around educating the public about Florida’s cultural resources. Today I am working on the latest installment of our e-newsletter.

For those of you not familiar with an e-newsletter, it is a newsletter that is written to be shared on electronic formats. The template is very flexible in regards to amount of content and links can be added to the document for readers to delve further into subjects if they are so inclined. This works very nicely with our other social media platforms, and the link to our e-newsletter is shared on our Facebook page.

In our e-newsletter, we have articles that share what the center has been doing, is doing, and has planned to do. Articles this quarter include a look at this fiscal year’s Annual Work Plan (started July 1st), information on teacher training programs, some results from a community archaeology project, and the launch of the ARCHAEO CART.

If you are interested in reading our e-newsletter, here’s the link http://flpublicarchaeology.org/uploads/wcrc/Newsletter%200711.pdf.


Rae Harper, Outreach Coordinator for FPAN’s West Central Regional Center at USF