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EYEDIG: multi sensory experience in Archaeology



We came from different places of Spain. Juan I. García (Salamanca, archaeologist), Raquel Martín (Plasencia, archaeologist), Pablo Guerra (Madrid, archaeologist), Alberto Polo (Segovia, archaeologist) and Pilar Fiz (Jerez de la Frontera, educational psychologist) are part of this group of researching about the archaeological dissemination. We are working to improve the capacity to feel the Archaeology with all senses –hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and sighting-. Our first record was in the archaeological deposit of Domingo García, in Segovia (Palaeolithic and Medieval Age cave art). There, we recorded different scenes of hunting and dancing, horses, dogs and human groups. We used three cameras GoPro hitched in the head and two conventional cameras more. During the record teamwork described the different scenes made in the slate rock mass of Segovia. Scenes were drawing with lines chipped in the stones.

Alberto Polo

Once the record was finished we developed the post-production, attaching the sounds in the video. For example we have chosen horse neigh and blow sword in the scenes of fighting, bells and music instruments in the scenes of dancing, and wind, fire and tweet sounds too. As a result we have used two senses at the same time…

The start-up will produce next August. We will introduce the rest senses with different smells. For example, we will introduce essences in bottles (smells of smokes and ashes). Anybody should remind the Palaeolithic Age thank to the essence, the scenes and the sounds. Finally, we introduce the touch with different copies of chipped slates, and the taste for example with a tasting of liquorice and mint. People could touch the pieces with the eyes closed, smelling the history, tasting the moment and feeling the experience entirely!

Now we are starting with hopefully and with the intention of improve the tools of archaeological dissemination in the deposits and in the museums too. Our slogan is “How about if you feel the same as I?” because we are archaeologist. We would like that everyone feel the same, using all the senses.

Here, you can show our presentation in this DAY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 2014:

We are EYEDIG. We are feeling now. Don’t you? Come with us.

EYEDIG Project