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Day of Archaeology: Morning

Hi – my name is Becky Emms and I am a Graduate Archaeologist for a large engineering consultancy (if I told you who, I’d have to kill you). This Day of Archaeology is actually slightly different from the norm for a couple of reasons. A) being that I came into the office later than normal today due to being at an Oxford University Department of Continuing Education course on aerial photography yesterday and not getting home til about 10pm (train chaos outside of Sheffield to be blamed for this). B) being that I am currently in the midst of spending five weeks out on site helping with the finds processing on a large archaeological excavation. So instead I will be guiding you through what a “normal” day at the office would entail for me.

I’m normally in the office for about 8.20 and the first thing I do is have a quick check through any emails that have come through since leaving the previous evening. Working for an engineering consultancy a lot of these are notifications about projects I’m not actually involved with or various emails about systems being shut down overnight. There are, however, usually a few emails relating to projects I’m currently working on or emails confirming the start of a project.

Once I’ve checked my emails the first thing I usually do is send off requests for data searches to the relevant HERs and EHAS (formally the NMR) requesting data for any projects have started off. I usually request a priority search from English Heritage which means I’m safe in the knowledge that they will have sent the data back by about lunchtime.

This only takes me about half hour so the rest of my morning is spent working on reports that I’ve had the data for, researching sites using some of the books we hold in the office (involving place names and Roman roads) and examining any online sources in order to start filling out a baseline for either a DBA or EIA chapter.

This will usually take my up to lunchtime, that and coffee accompanied by cake (the office has apparently gone baking mad recently), so I shall be back later to tell you about what an afternoon sometimes entails.

Till then, Becky