expert archaeological worker

Our Day in Dirt

Get up at 5 am.  Eat breakfast

Perry T. meets Oleg to get the UAZ 94 in garage at 6:15

We meet the crew at 6:30 am:

Lyuba the recorder of levels and units for finds’ bag.

Vlad the expert archaeological worker, who returns to his full-time job at the heating plant

Oleg, the driver and field worker

Kostya, who has worked with us since he was 11.

Pasha, local high school student.

Today’s plan:

1.  Clean the mud brick platform and the living surface outside the house.  It rained last night—trowel scraping

2.  Check out Context 61 and probable Pit house, underlying mud brick melt from last year’s excavation.

3.  Clean up tandir (bread oven)

4.  Map the upper mud brick contexts

5.  Take elevations both across the 8 m x 8 m excavation block, north and south.


CELEBRATE the DAY of ARCHAEOLOGY—leave site at 12 noon.


Wash finds at 4 pm.


Is work ever done?