Federal University of Piaui

Meeting with Archaeology

Undergraduate student talks about prehstoric mound recently found in Piaui.

Postgraduate student explains about archaeological sites management.

Undergraduate student talks about the richness of archaeological sites in Piaui, Brazil[gallery order="DESC"]

On the Day of Archaeology, lecturers and undergraduate students of Archaeology from Federal University of Piaui, Brazil, visited a secondary school and talked to seniors students about the course. The aim was to promote Archaeology in a bid to attract more students and at the same time to demystify the subject, since it is common for people to enrol in the course having a wrong idea about it, usually linking it with movie characters, like Indiana Jones. On the Day of Archaeology, apart from the talk, some archaeological artefacts were shown, and copies of rock art panels were displayed. We intend to make it a regular activity for the undergraduates, since it is an excellent opportunity for them to develop important skills, such as public speaking, and also to make Archaeology more widely known.