finance assistant

Almost there…..

It’s nearly the end of the working day here at the IfA office. The afternoon has become a bit of a blur, helped by very sugary tiffin!

Kirsten’s been writing an article explaning how and why our disciplinary process works. I’ve read through some references in support of applications for membership (the next Validation committee meeting is on 13 September), and have been preparing for a Groups’ Forum meeting next month. This is where members of the committees of all our area and special interest groups get together to talk about how they are run, feedback things to the office, get advice from the office and swap ideas.

I’ve been thinking about how our new member care programme can work (which will be trialed on a small section of our membership), and planning my work schedule for the next two weeks. Sharon (our finance assistant) has been processing subscriptions and receipts for the week. You can read about what Pete’s been doing here.

Most of the work that IfA staff undertake is not the sort of work that people traditionally associate with archaeology and archaeologists. It is important work for the sector though, and highly varied as I hope today’s posts have demonstrated. As a professional institute our main work relates to setting standards and promoting their use, and personal and organisational sign-up to them. We also undertake a lot of advocacy work, and try to provide chanels for training, information on the sector, and opportunities for individuals to explore their particular areas of interest. Obviously, as a democratic membership organisation we’re also answerable to our membership – hence Alex’s work on the Annual report and AGM today.