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Writing and Parenting on My Day of Archaeology

Last year, I wrote a fairly general post about my life as a Roman bioarchaeologist for the Day of Archaeology – So You Want to Be a Roman Bioarchaeologist?  This year, I thought I’d write a more week-in-the-life kind of post.

For many archaeologists, the summer is prime digging season, a time to get a ton of research done and data collected.  My summer is a bit more complicated this year, though.  I am not in the field, but rather am furiously finishing up a few writing projects with end-of-summer deadlines, packing and planning to move 700 miles away for a new faculty position that starts in five weeks, and leaving the house at 2:30pm every weekday to head to summer camp, where I pick up a 3-year-old who is exhausted, sticky with sunblock, and reeking of bug spray.