Early Morning or Late Night?

Well my Day of Archaeology isn’t over quite yet… I am tasked with the night shift for the DoA (having a very young child means I’m awake at weird times anyway!) and doing it really makes me realise what a global phenomenon archaeology is.

Here I am lying in bed at 04:03BST reading about all the very cool things that people got up to today in loads of countries around the world.

It’s been a great day, waking up all those hours ago to read about people’s days in Australia and now be approving posts from Hawaii! I think what is really clear from all of the posts is that whilst Archaeology might not be the best paid profession in the world, there is boredom, slog, bad weather, and even flat tires or broken equipment and yet everyone still seems to be having fun sometimes cake and most of all enjoying sharing their love of archaeology with their local and global community.

So, well done and thank you World for sharing your Day with us it’s been quite a ride and hopefully everyone feels like they have been part of something important. The archive of peoples days will stay here (who knows we may even print it out!) and archaeologists and anthropologists and historians of the future will dig it up and will know the state of the worldwide archaeological profession on the 29th of July 2011. They will probably also wonder why we were so interested in cats

I can hear the birds starting to sing outside – looks like it’s officially the 30th here in the UK, the posts coming in over the next couple of hours can be handled by the morning shift. Time for a few hours kip and then back at it.. Everyone knows the 30th is International Gin and Tonic Day right?