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Is this a job?

One of the usual questions we are asked is if being an archaeologist is a normal job. Many people in Catalonia (Spain) think that archaeologists are only students or volunteers working with a lot of enthusiasm. But our passion is a professional way of life and that is the reason why three of us created Arkpadoc, a company specialized in commercial archaeology.

Today, a special day, we want to share with others the state of our projects. We work with new technologies, incorporating photogrametry in archaeological drawing. We also incorporate it in the analysis of structures and ancient buildings. It allows us to know the historical evolution of each one. Today we’re working in a great project where Museum of Catalonian History is involved too. We’re providing support to the documentation team of Escaladei’s study and reconstruction. Escaladei is a Carthusian monastery located in the Montsant mountains (Priorat, Catalonia)

At the same time, we’re cooperating in the catalogation of the typical rural constructions -called “masies”- in a little town, La Garriga, 30 km from Barcelona. Now, we’re in the last episode of a huge work which includes documentation of each building, historical review, GIS applications, etc.

We’re very proud of our job. Revealing our common heritage and promoting it are the reasons to work hard every day, not only this special “Day of Archaeology”.

Thanks a lot!

Arkpadoc SC. @Arkpadoc