Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust

A day in the life of a CATP at GGAT

Hello! I’m Natasha,  I’m the CBA’s CATP (Community Archaeology Training Placement) person in post with the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust. I’ve been with the Trust for just over 3 months now and have loved every minute!

I’m based in the curatorial divison and my working day never seems to be the same from one week to the next! Over the past few weeks I have been organising our annual event’s day as part of the British Festival of Archaeology, so it’s been very hands on planning logistics, locating resources and packing vans! Not to mention the running of several activities on the day-the children who had a go at our Wattle and Daub demonstration liked it so much they covered the Wattle frame, themselves and me with the clayey, compostey, hay-filled mixture! Nothing like a bit of messy fun to encourage people to learn something new! The day at Swansea museum and the following week at Neath abbey were a great sucess and gave me some valuble events organisation experience.

We’ve got more projects in the pipeline looking to get underway soon but right now,  this week is a little more sedate for a change as I’ve been analysing all our feedback from the events and putting it into a report so we can assess what went well and what to build on for future events.

Today I’m spending most of my time making sure we have everything back that we should have and I’m carrying out an audit of all our display panels, the Trust does a lot of outreach so we have a huge amount! Often they’re lent out to societies or councils explaining some of the work we’ve carried out in the area or outling what the trust does in general and how you can get involved with our outreach and community and projects.  Currently I’m working through our catalogue and checking them off-bit of a difference from this time last week where we were packing tents ready for Neath Abbey’s Activity Day!


My fifth cup of tea and the archaeology is fine

GGAT logo and QRtag intergratedAfternoon world, I’ve sorted out everybody else now it’s my turn to blog about archaeology.

My name is Paul and I’m the Outreach Officer/Web Manager for the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust.

When I’m not meeting people and promoting the archaeology of the Southeast Wales area or sitting in my cupboard under the stairs drinking tea, which archaeologists tend to consume aplenty, building sites, blogging and tweeting and other Web2.0 shenanigans,  I’m carrying out work for the Twentieth Century Military Standing Sites Project.  The group was set up in 2003 to identify the most important sites in Wales and to work to preserve and promote their significance to a wider audience. The group is made up of the four Welsh Trust, for which I am our area representative, Cadw, RCAHMW, and other interested parties.

I’m just off to carry out a basic photographic survey of a building that is due for demolition and once belonged to RAF ST Brides Major in the Vale of Glamorgan. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

GGAT’s Commercial Dept

Welcome to a series of blogs today from the commercial department (GGAT Projects) of the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd. My name is Richard Lewis and I am the Head of Projects for the Trust. My role involves supervising all of the many projects we undertake and making sure we have many new projects too!

The kind of projects we carryout are quite diverse and range from Prehistoric and Roman excavations (Swansea Bay and at Neath Nidum) to recording relict early-Industrial iron-stone extractive landscapes in the south Wales valleys.

This morning, my time has been taken up with liaising with the Local Planning Authority’s archaeological advisor (GGAT Curatorial) to provide archaeological cover for an emergency arising in Merthyr Tydfil.

My next problem to solve is how to cover all of our archaeological watching briefs next week with so many staff on holiday. I may have to dust off my old boots and trowel…!!


Day in the life of an archaeological planning officer

I am Neil Maylan and I work as the Archeological Planning Manager for the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, based in Swansea, Wales. We provide advice to 13 local planning authorities in South East Wales and I hope to be able to provide a work diary for today.

I started my working day circa 7.30am. As part of my job I am responsible for the Trust’s IT network and e-mails, so my first job is to check the e-mails that have come in overnight, delete the vast number of spam messages that are sent to our open e-mail accounts and redirect any messages that have been wrongly addressed or sent to the open accounts and need to be answered by a specific member of staff.

I also check my own e-mails received over night, fortunately few today and read the weekly newsletter from the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA) Maritime Affairs Group, which always has some fascinating information on an area of archaeology I really don’t know enough about.