Hampshire Arts & Museums Service

Counted Out and Counted In

The Hampshire Arts & Museums Service archaeology collections are stored in c 18,000 boxes, using c 450 cu m of space.  The largest single collection is Danebury and Environs which equals about 10% of the whole.  The Service uses MODES as its object database and although it has 60,000 records relating to archaeology the coverage is far from comprehensive.  A current initiative involves volunteers in checking the records against the actual material and refining it where appropriate.  Beneath a colourful representation of an Iron Age battle scene (Danebury Ring) Jane King sorts through the records relating to human remains, before checking them against the material in store.

Skeletons, but not in cupboards

Hampshire Arts & Museums Service is carrying out an audit of all the human remains in its Collections.  Where appropriate, this includes the rebagging and reboxing of material.  Garrard Cole, currently an Hon Research Assistant at UCL, is tackling four skeletons from Harrow Way Farm, Penton Mewsey, excavated by the Test Valley Archaeological Trust in 1988.  This improvement in the physical storage conditions goes hand in hand with an update of the associated records and  compilation of a database.