Hawaiian arcaheology

My Day in Archaeology in Hawaii

With the beautiful Hawaiian sun shining and the prospect of visiting amazing pre-contact sites all at my fingertips, I find myself doing the un-sexy but truly important “office archaeology”. As a State archaeologist, I am doing what is very important, review and compliance. I take this seriously. It may not be the most sexy and exciting or appealing thing about doing archaeology here in Hawaii, but with this position comes huge responsibility. So while some of my colleagues may be out in the beautiful Hawaii landscapes, I find myself reading through a 1200 page archaeological inventory survey for an amazing piece of land, highly significant to our native culture here in Hawaii. Being Native Hawaiian myself, I see my position as being an important cog in the wheel of responsible development and progress. So I guess as I participate in the 2013 Day of Archaeology… I may not be doing fieldwork, but I am contributing to the field of archaeology in Hawaii by ensuring that I do my part in protecting my cultural heritage, the heritage of our State our Nation and our World… one report at a time!