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British Museum International Training Programme : Facebook Group

The British Museum International training Programe  (ITP) , is a six week course arranged with several UK museums, in museology, art galleries. for experts, archaeologist and all students around the world.

Most Participants come from different parts of the world From :Afghanistan, Brazil China , Egypt, Ghana, India ,Iran , Iraq, Kenya, ,Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine , South Africa ,Sudan, Turkey, UAE and Uganda.

However, during the ICTP 2009, a facebook group (ICTP) has been launched to keep communication between ICTP participants, BM staff, and collegeus from other participant Museums. The group gives its members the chance to share their news through posting on group wall, and uploading their photos on the group. The ICTP facebook group has an international environment, with its 84  members from more than 16 countries, sharing different cultures and languages, but all has same interests in Museum Studies, Archaeology, and history…etc. Moreover, the group celebrated all kinds of events social and professional.

The group has been developed well over the past months, and it starts to become an excellent communication link between participants and a gathering point to all members. It also started a self introduction of itself towards further participants. For the first time, the group had sent welcoming PowerPoint slides before the beginning of the programme to both ICTP  participants of 2010, and 2011 and plan to send it Annually .

The group also developed and now has an offical e-mail: BMITP@groups.facebook.com

where you can e-mail the group, and all of your comments will be automatically posted on the group wall.

We will be very happy, to see you on our group, to participate and share with us your experience in Archaeology, Museology, Galleries, and any related subject. : This is our link on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/BMITP/


Its our pleasure to have you in our goup 🙂 Your Always welcome !!!


Haytham Dieck

BM-ICTP facebook Administrator

Bethlehem Nomination File

Bethlehem Nomination File “Birthplace of Jesus, Church of the Nativity and the pilgrimage route” was a special project to Palestine in general and Bethlehem in specific. Bethlehem was the first city nominated in the Palestinian territories to the UNESCO world heritage list, and hoping that this process would include more heritage sites including, Ancient Jericho (Tell El Sultan, The religious routes in the holy land, Mount Gerizim and the Samaritans …etc

The process in getting Bethlehem accepted as a world heritage site will take time till next year July 2012, where it will be voted through the world heritage Committee. However, inscribing Bethlehem at the UNESCO list should happen a long time ago, but due to political tensions between Palestinians and Israelis’ the inscribing was held backwards several time.

The Nominations file was a big chance for Palestinians to demonstrate their outstanding culture heritage that was damaged during Israeli’s occupations, especially the Israeli invasion of Bethlehem in 2002 and surrounding Church of Nativity for 40 days. Israel had bombarded the church more than one time which caused damages to it that could be seen today.

The Nomination file was prepared by Center for Culture Heritage Preservation , Bethlehem (CCHP) in corporation with, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Bethlehem Municipality and UNESCO office in Ramallah. It consists of nine parts; each one of them deals with a specific matter.

They are as follow:

  1. Identification of Property
  2. Description
  3. Justification for Inscription
  4. State of Conservation and Factors Affecting the property.
  5. Protection and Management of the Property.
  6. Monitoring
  7. Documentation
  8. Contact Information of Responsible Authorities
  9. 9. Signature on behalf of the State Party

My job was mainly focused at the second chapter “Description” I’ve worked as a researcher in (CCHP) in the project helping the team in the historical and archaeological perspective of the nativity church.I would like here to thanks both coordinator of the project, Arch. Nada Al Atrash from CCHP, and my friend Geroge Al Ama (from CCHP) for their fantastic and outstanding work in the project, where it push forward the Nomination file to its final stages.

Thanks you very much!


I hope you have enjoy it

Regards, Haytham Dieck