Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Archeology at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, Ohio, USA

Archeology is a big part of the story at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Ohio.  It’s how we’ve come to learn much about the mysterious people we refer to as Hopewell.  The people of the Hopewell culture thrived in the south-central Ohio valley during the middle woodland period, approximately 200 BC to 500 AD.  Some of the very first archeology performed on the earthworks constructed by these people was initiated in the middle 1800’s.  Archeology continues today as we search for more clues to learn more about the life and times of these ancient people.

As a contribution for “Day of Archaeology,” we at the park would like to showcase the archeology being performed this year within one of the park’s units, Hopewell Mound Group.  These short video segments have been produced in conjunction with the park’s archeology and interpretation divisions.  Due to the size of the film files, we have to link to them from here instead of directly adding them to the post.  Videos.  (Videos may buffer during playback, depending on your internet speed…please allow time to download to avoid any buffering).  We encourage visitors to follow the link and learn more about the park’s archeology team, the park and the people for whom the park is dedicated to.  Thanks to “Day of Archeology” for their support of archeology around the world and for this wonderful website.

To learn more about the park, please visit our park website.  You can also follow us on facebook, twitter and instragram.