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Final Days: Silchester ‘Town Life’ project 2014


Silchester TownLifers!

Silchester TownLifers!

This is the 18th and final season of the Silchester ‘Town Life’ project, and we thought we would share one of our final days with you! This project began in 1997 and has run seasonally every summer since. In 18 seasons we have introduced more than 5000 people to the delights of field archaeology, and have trained over 1500 University of Reading students in archaeological field techniques. Our students have spent nearly 2 million hours on this project…and their collective efforts will bring this excavation to a close on Saturday 16th August 2014. I am Amanda Clarke, Director of the Silchester Field School and Assistant Director of the Town Life project…..this is my life!

Amanda doing tour

Amanda On Tour

This season we have up to 150 people on site every day, including 40 staff members – all very necessary for keeping the show on the road. An excavation this size is a mix of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities……an archaeological melting pot. They are all characters in their own way, and each has a story to tell. (more…)