Interstate 95 Project

Last day of work, for now.

By Carolyn Horlacher

Lab tech, URS Corporation

Burlington, New Jersey, USA  (Posted by the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum webmaster)

Today is the beginning of my last week working full-time in archaeology for at least two years. It is bittersweet.  I began working at URS Corporation in Burlington, New Jersey, USA (right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) as an intern during my senior year in college and now almost three years later I am leaving to start a new academic venture.  In September I will be starting my first year of graduate school at UMass Boston.  I am spending today wrapping up unfinished projects. This includes marking and gluing mended objects, cataloging artifacts, doing historic research and beginning to pack up the contents of my desk.  I am primarily working on the lab work for a site excavated in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. It is along interstate 95 and is part of a project URS is conducting for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Currently, I am working on gluing a cut glass lamp shade that belonged to a gas lamp. It was excavated with a household assemblage and dates to the second half of the 19th century.  Gluing mended artifacts is one of my favorite lab tasks, it brings everything full circle!