Isle of Bute; Geophysics; Excavation

Discovering Bute’s Archaeology – a view from a Scottish island 11am

Moring started with a quick e-mail check – I’m just tidying up the loose ends of excavations that we did as a community group in June on a local SAM and am waiting on a trench report back from the supervisor

Nothing so far but I’m sure she’s stuck inside working on it on a sunny day like today…. 😉


I’ve also got an open access geophysics weekend over tomorrow and Sunday – a chance for residents and visitors to work with Rose Geophysics looking for any evidence of a lost stone circle

St Colmacs Geophysics

Should be good, not least because our friends at RCHAMS managed to turn up this

The splodges to the left are what we are interested in – stones so big they had to be ‘removed by powder’ should make for a decent target. Had a lot of local interest as usual so I’m hoping that Sue and Alistair get a decent turnout

Nothing else major except a couple more likes for the old facebook page which is always nice:

By 10 the kids have fininshed their latest version of the ‘taking each other to nursery’ game  – rope them into a quick 20 mins of stripping the wallpaper off the bathroom and then onto the swimming pool…… of the nice things about this job is the oppertunity to intertwine life and work