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Jesse Walker – A Day of Archaeology, July 2014

Jesse Walker
Today (Monday July 7th, 2014) was a typical mid-summer day in archaeology. In the office, I worked on several cultural resource management reports and a variety of projects. At home in the evening, I spent time on a few side archaeology projects. This fall I am giving a presentation at the Bristol Cultural & Historical Foundation located in Bristol Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (USA). The presentation is focused on archaeology in the borough and surrounding community. Arrangements have been made to examine a local collection of Native American artifacts house at the Grundy Museum in Bristol. I have been tracking down other local archaeological information such as data regarding a Cheval de Frise found in the Delaware River near Burlington Island and a Contact-period burial found in the late nineteenth century. A surprising amount of local archaeological-related information has turned up in preparation for the presentation. I am also editing a short summary of the 17th Annual ‘Artifact Show’ hosted by the Gloucester County Chapter of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey. My final side project is the Hoffman Site (28GL228). Guy Di Giugno and I have been working on an article summarizing the results of 13 years of excavations at the Hoffman Site (see photo) which is a multi-component Native American site. The article will be published in the Archaeological Society of New Jersey Newsletter.

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